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250Gb on a Single Blu-ray or HD DVD Disc!

Posted by Stephane Dion

Ritekbluray250While Toshiba has publicly announced its achievement of a 51Gb-triple layer HD DVD disc, Ritek is disclosing behind closed doors at CES its own achievements in multi-layer HD optical media. The company said that not only they have been able to produce a three or four-layer HD discs, but they have successfully designed HD media with a full 10 layers. The multi-layer process is apparently also applicable to the two competing formats, Blu-ray and HD DVD.

10 layers on an HD DVD would yield 150GB, assuming 15GB per layer. For a Blu-ray disc, the total over 10 layers jumps to 250GB, assuming the base 25GB per layer like the other technologies presented until now. Respecting the same assumptions, it would mean 150Gb for HD DVD since they have 15Gb per layer.

Ritekhddvd250 While those numbers do sound impressive, Ritek officials point out that the real barrier to this advancement is the lack of reader and writer laser diode technology to support the additional eight layers above the current standard.

I would add that another real barrier is the writing speed of the devices we have right now. If it takes 15 hours to burn a single disc, Ritek won’t find a lot of supporters for their discs. We need the 12x burner announced by Philips last October.



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