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Studio Shuffling Towards Blu-ray Continues

Posted by Stephane Dion

Blurayces[UPDATE: Both Universal and Paramount have issued statements just now or recently declaring their intentions to stay with HD DVD. Get the full details over at HDDVDFreak.]

With all of the attention the Warner Bros. move has given to the war between HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc this week, some other moves have been happening as well in this arena. Some were expected and others are rumored, but like the Microsoft issue we covered earlier, they could sound strongly for Blu-ray if they become a reality:

  • New Line Entertainment and HBO, as expected, fell in line with Warner Brothers in confirming they will be going Blu-ray only later this year.
  • There is speculation right now that the other major studios backing HD DVD, Universal and Paramount, might be considering jumping ship. Though nothing has been confirmed, a report details ways in which the two studios could exit their HD DVD relationships and move to Blu-ray. Neither studio is publicly ready to do that yet though and remains focused on backing HD DVD.

[via Engadget]


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