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Sony To Cut Blu-ray Player Price

Posted by Jonas D

Sony_bdp_s550 Lately we haven't been able to go a week without a new player that after a cursory look our assessment ends with "you're better off getting a PS3 for $300" even if you only use the Blu-ray player function, and never play a game.  Is Sony finally getting it?  Well, at least they are moving in the right direction.  Reportedly, they plan to slash the price of their BDP-S350 player to the amazingly low price of...$300.  Well, like I said at least it's a move in the right direction.

Gadget pundits are hoping that the street price of Sony's player will quickly nudge South of the three Franklin mark, which should happen in time for holiday shopping time.  In the meantime, to remain competitive, the Funai products (such lower quality players including Sylvania and Magnavox) are planning on cutting their prices by $50 so that may be the real contribution of Sony's latest price move.  Maybe one day soon we'll have something to recommend other than the PS3 to spin those Blu-ray discs.



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