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Blu-ray: "I'm Not Dead Yet."

Posted by Jonas D

Samsung_logo I think we can all admit that despite Blu-ray smacking down HD-DVD in the next gen disc format battle, it has not taken off like a rocket going into orbit.  Rather, many folks have taken a wait and see attitude pending less expensive players with a fuller feature set including BD Live 2.0.  In this down economy, none of us want to own the next laser disc after all.

However, one Samsung exec offers a view that this is the hey day of Blu-ray, and the decline is soon.  He is already talking about the replacement (the next gen of the next gen disc format, aka: Nex Gen 2.0?):

Samsung has said that it sees the Blu-ray format only lasting a further 5 years before it is replaced by another format or technology.

"I think it [Blu-ray] has 5 years left, I certainly wouldn't give it 10", Andy Griffiths, director of consumer electronics at Samsung UK told Pocket-lint in an interview.

Hoping to capitalise before it's too late, Griffiths believes that 2008 is the format's year.

"It's going to be huge", he told Pocket-lint. "We are heavily back-ordered at the moment."

Citing online rental sites like LoveFilm's adoption of Blu-ray titles, the move to offer cheaper players and a now clear path to adoption following the Blu-ray HD DVD battle, Griffith says the format will be a winner, although not for long.

Instead Samsung is putting its faith in its OLED technology. The new technology, which is "ready to rock", is being held back at the moment due to high manufacturing costs.

"We will launch the OLED technology when it's at a price that will be appealing to the consumer, unfortunately that's not yet."

What the heck is he talkin' about?  Last time I checked, OLED is not a way to store video, but the likely replacement for LCD TV's.  While they promise brighter colors, more energy efficiency and even thinner screens, I have no idea why they will replace Blu-ray discs.  I think in this case, the reports of Blu-ray's death are somewhat exaggerated. 




Why would BD become obsolete? It is far better than DVD and it makes DVD movies look like VHS. Not to mention data capacity 25gb/50gb. Sony were smart to push bluray via the PS3. They are targeting the young to mid gen for pushing their latest tech. JVC has managed to create a BD/DVD hybrid disc. DVD on one layer and BD on the another. Good for dumb dumbs who “accidentally” buy the wrong media especially if it is a movie which will allow the transition to HD to be as transparent as possible.

NOT_ a rabid braidead SONY cash RAPE-scheme FREAK

"its far better than DVD" ISN't objective / "a reason" even compared to the totally LAME efforts U follow that up with!

The irony of U calling someone a "dumb dumb" when U ASSUME stupidly that the main drive for new technology is SO quality based rather than functional practically and value for money (U've clearly not heard of the cheap MP3 file that is now the music industries staple - optical disc are OVER - FLASH memory will p!ss all over such an archaic MECHANICAL tech)

Yes the data capacity is 50gb but compared to DVD (40p for high quality Verbatim) the price per GB is "out of this world" PLUS its still no more reliable a storage medium than DVD so U risk far more, especially for the majority of PC files which are MB in size,having all the Data on one huge multi 10GB disk rather than spreading the risk over a larger number of INFINITELY more economical DVD.

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