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Sleeping Beauty Comes to Blu-ray

Posted by Nino Marchetti


One of the newest Disney movies to come to Blu-ray is Sleeping Beauty. This classically animated Disney film is 50 years old this year and represents the company's very first Platinum Edition title to release on the Blu-ray Disc format.

Sleeping Beauty on Blu-ray will have "new characters and background scenes that are all new to the home video experience." It will also be the first Disney title to offer a connected BD-Live experience. Things one will be able to do, according to Disney, will include the ability to "chat on-screen in real-time with friends while simultaneously watching a movie frame-by-frame, record personalized video greetings for a loved one that appears on-screen over a pre-selected scene in a movie and play real-time interactive or strategy games against single and/or multiple groups of people."

Sleeping Beauty on Blu-ray is set to cost around $36.


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