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SlySoft Back with Enhanced BD+ Cracking Software

Posted by Nino Marchetti

SlySoft, which earlier this year cracked the much ballyhooed BD+ copy protection, is back again, having reportedly cracked the latest BD+ DRM. It promotes this crack through its AnyDVD HD software release, which is for sale through its Web site.

SlySoft, promoting its BD+ decryption software as being for “Fair Use Rights,” says AnyDVD HD decrypts copy protection on all current Blu-ray movies so that consumers can backup their movies as well as enjoying them with non-HDCP compliant monitors.

The AnyDVD HD program continues to remain a thorn in the side of the movie industry's DRM plans, much to the happiness of many consumers using the program. SlySoft is based in Antigua in the West Indies and publishes copy protection cracking software for a variety of platforms.

[via Engadget HD]


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