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Panasonic's Blu-ray Frankenstein: BD70V VHS-Blu-ray Dual Player

Posted by Nino Marchetti

Panasonicbd70Panasonic today unveiled lots of Blu-ray products at the Consumer Electronics Show like other vendors. One which seems to either be a smart move or some bizarre CE experiment gone wrong is the DMP-BD70V, the world's first Blu-ray-VHS dual player.

That's right – you read that correct. The world's first Blu-ray-VHS dual player. It is a strange concept to see these two glued together at the hip, but perhaps Panasonic thinks Blu-ray lovers still cling to their VHS tapes as well. Panasonic happily points out the DMP-BD70V “features multi-format playback allowing the user to play VHS, CD, DVD and 1080p high definition Blu-ray Discs. The BD70V allows for premium 1080p up-conversion for all video formats.”

Other features also exist on this player, such as Internet access to the Amazon VOD library, high image processing technology, a SD memory card slot and more, but it is easy to get stuck on the fact this will play video tapes. Really, Panasonic, VHS?



Whoever doesn't want this is a retard. Lots of people keep their decaying old vcrs. My brother has shelfs devoted to carrying both movie and blank VHS tapes. We have 3 DVD recorders and a CD player, but we want Blu-Ray Disc and extended life VHS. We also are getting 1080p video and 7.1 audio. The HDMI will inprove the picture and audio quality of our VHS tapes, CDs, and DVDs to a certain extent. And we can play BD with Bonus View:). Who dosen't want this?!?


what a great idea.we can still buy a brand new vcr from a top brand with an added blu ray doesnt get much better than the way,when is a blu ray recorder/vcr combo coming out?


I just checked the Panasonic website. It doesn't exist. BD70V or anything doesn't come up in the search.


I already have college AV directors calling about this piece. Anyone with a large VHS collection like educational institutions could outfit classrooms with one of these.


I still have a huge collection of VHS tapes, and with filters and noise reduction features on my 47" TV they're still well watchable, nothing wrong with having a VHS Blue-Ray combo, well done Panasonic.

A kick in the teeth too all those techno nerds out there that hate anything that's analogue... twats.


Just placed my order for this from than $140 shipped.

Regarding the review, and the writer's incomprehension at someone owning both Blu-Ray DVDs and VHS movies.... I don't know anyone who trips over themselves rushing to dispose of their old media just because a new technology has emerged. Or am I the only one who owns both a cd player and (gasp!) a turntable--complete with my old collection of vinyl LPs? I think not.

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