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Watchmen Blu-ray Details Emerge

Posted by Andy Boxall

Watchmen Blu-ray Zach Snyder's adaptation of Watchmen is due to be released on July 28th in the USA and a day earlier in the UK.  There will be both a single and double-disc DVD and a Blu-ray edition, however it's not just the extra features which will separate them.  The single disc DVD has the theatrical cut of the movie, while the double disc has the new Director's Cut, some extras and a digital copy.

The Blu-ray will be BD-Live enabled and feature the Director's Cut and the theatrical version, but like the double DVD, the theatrical will be a digital copy only - an unusual move - which Amazon claim to be exclusive to the UK.  So Watchmen fans who want both versions of the film will be a little limited, as surely DRM restrictions will not allow that digital copy to be burned to disc?  We're hoping this won't be the case.

The currently announced extras include the following:

    •    Watchmen: Focus Points
    •    Maximum Movie Mode
    •    The Phenomenon: The Comics that Changed Comics
    •    Real Super Heros, Real Vigilantes
    •    Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World

There are 30 minutes of Focus Points, presumably similar to the excellent Focus Points found on The Dark Knight Blu-ray, and the Maximum Movie Mode gives the viewer a chance to watch the movie split-screen style, with Zach Snyder providing a visual commentary.  Much has also been made of the Blu-ray's social networking abilities, where fans can link with their Facebook friends and organise group viewings.

On the subject of running times, the theatrical version runs for 162 minutes, while the extended Director's Cut is supposed to be 190 minutes.  Expect a double-dip opportunity in the future too, as the 205 minute Black Freighter inclusive Ultimate Edition has not been discussed yet.



--"The 205 minute Black Freighter inclusive Ultimate Edition has not been discussed yet."

I thought Black Freighter was about 25mins long, which would make a super-ultimate-mega edition about 215mins long??


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