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Sony PS3 Firmware 3.0 Update Goes Live

Posted by Andy Boxall

PS3 Sony confirmed they would be spreading their version 3.0 firmware in the near future during Gamescon earlier this month, but this did get a little overlooked thanks to the attention on the new PS3 Slim.  But for those who were paying attention, heading over to System Update on your PS3 will start the download of Sony's final major firmware update of the year.

By labeling it as such, anticipation for plenty of exciting new features was high, however this seems to have been rather premature, as although there are some handy tweaks, there's nothing here which really stands out.  We're most interested in how the new firmware affects our Blu-ray experience, so here's what we can expect.

  • Audio can now be output over HDMI, Optical and Multi-AV all at the same time, so there won't be any need to change the settings every time you don't want to use your receiver.  The default setting will get the full multi-channel feed, while the others will be fed a stereo signal.
  • Next we have a tweak which will assist those who haven't invested in a PS3 Remote, as the analogue sticks on your controller now control video playback.  A nudge to pause and a forward or reverse circular motion will see the video advance or rewind.  Handy.  
  • Any North American Blu-ray importers may have experienced an issue with PAL playback where the disc would inexplicably stop playing.  This problem, to do with refresh rates, has now been fixed.
  • UK PS3 users will be getting a BBC iPlayer application, so they can use the excellent catch-up service directly from the PS3's menu rather than the web.
A What's New scroller will also point users towards other new 3.0 features, while you can check out the PlayStation blog for more games focused changes.  Let us know if you find anything else!


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