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Heavenly Creatures Out On Blu-ray in September

Posted by Andy Boxall

Heavenly creatures
Peter Jackson may be best known for his Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Kate Winslet has also made one or two successful films since, but back in the early 90s the pair worked together on Heavenly Creatures, a fantastic thriller based on the true story of two schoolgirls lost in their own strange fantasy world, who commit an awful crime.

At the time, it brought Peter Jackson to mainstream (well, sort of) success, after making several genre movies known mostly to fans of grue and gore.  It's a great piece of work and anyone who hasn't seen it is in for a treat when they do. 

Peccadillo Pictures has announced a UK Blu-ray release for Heavenly Creatures, and provided us with a preview of the cover art, however they're keeping quiet on the final line-up of bonus features.  As it stands now, the movie will be presented in newly remastered form with a couple of trailers, a collector's postcard set and a limited edition sleeve.  We can only hope there will be some real extra features somewhere on the disc!  It's also unknown whether the film will contain solely the 'international cut' or the longer New Zealand cut too.

Previous DVD editions have lacked any bonus content too, so Peccadillo will have to work hard between now and the 12th September release date to source a commentary or even better, produce a retrospective documentary.  At least give us something on the original real-life case, something which isn't very well-known outside New Zealand.

If not, at least a remastered version of movie will be out there for people to enjoy once more.


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