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Jurassic Park Coming to Blu-ray October 24th?

Posted by Andy Boxall

It looks like 2011's run of brilliant Blu-ray releases is set to continue, as ZonaDVD has published news that the Jurassic Park Trilogy will be coming to Blu-ray in October.  Not only is this great news, but they're also teasing us with an image of a collectors box set which looks really fantastic!

The three movies are stored in a digipack, but the real attraction is a T-Rex figure - and even the see-though box looks good, reminding us of the excellent Inception box set.  This collector's edition will be joined by a regular pack with the movies, plus what ZonaDVD refer to as a 'metal case', which could well be a Steelbook. 

They've got their information from Universal Spain who say the provisional release date is the 24th October, and while the Spanish release will be a little later, it'll still arrive before Christmas.  It's also said the films will only be available as a trilogy, however it's probably they'll take the same approach as the Alien Anthology and wait a while before releasing them individually too.

Jurassic Park on Blu-ray could be a great disc and October isn't very far away, so let's hope for an official announcement soon.


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