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Cinque Terre

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    姓名(Name) 身份證號(ID No)
    性別 (Gender) 男(male) 女(female) 出生日期 (DOB)

    電子郵箱 (Email)


    通訊地址 (Address)

    申請專業 (Major Applied for)

    最后學歷 (Highest Academic Degree Obtained)

    畢業學校及時間(Degree conferred by (YY-MM-DD))

    專業 (Bachelor’s Degree Major)

    研究方向 (Research Fields)

    英語語言水平 (English Proficiency)

    雅思 (IELTS)

    考試時間(Test Date) 總分(Total Score)

    閱讀(Reading)寫作(Writing)聽力(Listening) 口語(Speaking)

    托福 (TOFEL)

    考試時間(Test Date) 總分(Total Score)



    考試名稱(Name of the Test) 時間(Test Date) 成績(Score)

    工作經歷 (Work Experience)

    申請獎學金學生請填寫以下內容并提交附件 (Students who apply for scholarship, please fill in the following blanket, and submit necessary documents.)

    本科成績 (Undergraduate grades)

    GPA 平均成績(GPA) 全班排名(Class Ranking) (例:9/50,即50名學生中排名第9 (9/50, ranking No.9 in a class of 50 students))

    其他能力與專長 (Other abilities and skills)

    附件 (Attachment)

    請上傳本科階段成績單、獲獎情況及其他相關證明文件 (Please upload Academic transcript of Undergraduate courses英亚体育登录-英亚体育平台-官方入口、scholarship and awards, and other relevant supporting documents.)

    從何種渠道獲知聯合研究院招生信息(Where did you get our enrollment information (Official website, WeChat, friends, etc..)) 推薦人(Recommended by)


    After submitting your on-line application, you will receive an acknowledgement email from us. JI reserves the right to request additional documents to assess your academic qualifications for our programs.

    Cinque Terre

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