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Cinque Terre

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Associate Professor

Christian Ritz

Academic Qualifications
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)
Bachelor of Mathematics
PhD in Electrical Engineering


Research Interests
Signal processing for speech, audio and acoustics
Multimedia Quality of Experience (QoE)
Spatial and 3D Audio recording, analysis and synthesis
Microphone Arrays
Loudspeaker Arrays
Acoustic design of 3D printed musical instruments
Perception-based media signal processing
Engineering Education


Christianleads a team of researchers focusing on three main research areas: Spatial Audio Coding, Microphone Array Signal Processing and Multimedia Quality of Experience (QoE). He has developed a significant track record in multichannel audio compression that has has direct application to communication systems for next generation audio applications such as 3D TV and 3D teleconferencing. Christian has lead research into the use of miniature microphone arrays that has direct application to hands-free communication systems such as teleconferencing and recording and automatically annotating “speaker turns” in meetings. His QoE research focuses on understanding the user perception of interactive multimedia applications for mobile and online environments (e.g.augmented reality), which is critical to ensuring their success.
Christian's current research projects include co-located microphone arrays for hands-free speech communication, sound source estimation from microphone array recordings, reproduction of spatial audio in noisy environments, "quality of experience" estimation for multimedia applications and services and the acoustic design of novel instruments using 3D printing technologies. My research has been funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the SmartServices Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).
Christian is an experienced lecturer in electrical, computer and telecommunications engineering and actively involved in the scholarship of teaching including the embedding of graduate qualities within the curriculum, professional degree accreditation and quality assurance of learning and teaching. He is actively involved with academic governance, chairing several committees responsible for Engineering Education and regularly serving as the Acting Head of School.

Cinque Terre

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