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Cinque Terre

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Senior Lecturer

Ian Piper

Research Areas
Large scalesimulation of complex events. This includes the simulation of risk incommunities including disease and terrorist activity. 


PhD with University of Wollongong 


Experiencein Professional Practice / Previous Industry Appointments
Director/Headof R&D: Freenet Corp.
Principal:Connectivity Australia
Partner:Interactivity Australia

ProfessionalContributions to Educational Development
Subject development: Activein curriculum development for both Bachelor and Master degrees.
Member of SEC, UEC,SCDC, Academic Senate


ICT Publications
Most recent 5 publications
R.Brown, A. Piper, I. Piper; “Towards Intelligent Requirements”. InternationalJournal of Intelligent Information Technologies 01/2015; 11(1):1-11.DOI: 10.4018/ijiit.2015010101
D.Keep, I. Piper, A. Green; “Benefits of Generalised Microsimulation” In Q. Bai,F. Ren, M. Zhang, T. Ito & X. Tang (Eds.), Smart Modeling and Simulationfor Complex Systems (pp. 15-27). Berlin: Springer.
D. Keep, I. Piper, A. Green; “An Investigation of theEffectiveness of Interdiction Regimes against Terrorist Attacks in an UrbanTransport Hub” MODSIM proceedings, Adelaide 2013
A.Green, I. Piper, D. Keep; “Microsimulation Study of the Release of PneumonicPlague and Smallpox on a Synthetic Civilian Population”MODSIM proceedings, Adelaide 2013
D. Keep, I. Piper, A. Green; “Benefits of GeneralisedMicrosimulation” SSMCS proceedings, Beijing 2013


Professional Development Activity


Cinque Terre

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