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Cinque Terre

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Senior Lecturer

Janusz Getta


Senior Lecturer, School of Computing and Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, University of Wollongong


Research Interests
Optimisation of query processing in centralized and distributeddatabase systems
Automated performance tuning of database systems
Performance tuning of object-relational database systems andobject-relational applications
Design and implementation of database systems with inconsistentinformation, data stream processing


Dr. Getta’s undergraduate educationand subsequent doctorate was earned from the Department of Computer Science,University of Technology, Warsaw.
During his stay with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Kuwait(1986-1990) Dr Getta taught many of the traditional Computer Science subjectslike Database Systems, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Compiler Design,Systems Programming, Introduction to Programming, Software Project,Introduction to Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence.
Since joining the University ofWollongong in 1991 as Lecturer, Dr Getta’s teaching has concentrated ondatabase subjects.

Cinque Terre

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