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Cinque Terre

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Associate Professor

Kap Luk Chan

Academic Qualifications
BEng (First Class Honour) , Queen Mary College, University of London, UK, 1987
DIC, PhD., Imperial College, University of London, UK, 1991


Working Experience
Nov 1990 - Aug 1991 Information Engineer, Axiom (London) Ltd, London, UK
Aug 1991 - May 1992 Project Manager, Axiom Innovation Ltd. Cambridge, UK
Jun 1992 - Dec 1998 Lecturer, Nan yang Technological University, Singapore.
Jan 1999 - Dec 2000 Assistant Professor, Nan yang Technological University, Singapore.
Jan 2001 – 19 Jun 2015 Associate Professor (tenured), Nan yang Technological University, Singapore.
Jun 2015 - now, Visiting Chair Professor, Anhui University, China.
July 2015 - now, Managing Director and Director of Technology, Tolendata R&D Centre Private Limited, Singapore;
July 2015 - now, Director of Technology, Stratech Systems Ltd.


Professional Qualifications/Memberships
MIEEE (since 1991)
MIET (since 1987)
Member of Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence Association (since 2004)


Cinque Terre

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